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InterAgri specialises in developing livestock information systems for a range of applications in the livestock industry which operate at all levels of livestock production, from on-farm management software through to national livestock traceability systems. Information systems available include:

Herd / flock management systems:
, InterFlock, InterBeef, InterPremium, InterProfit are designed for farmers and veterinarians to assist in farm production management, farm assurance and monitoring trends in performance, holding records of production, fertility and health events, animal movement and regional benchmarking focusing veterinary practices.More…

National and large scale livestock information systems:
which is an integrated livestock population database system for, designed to meet the information needs of regulatory authorities, national veterinary services, breed societies, livestock product quality assurance organizations and others. It meets all of the requirements of current and projected European Union legislation regarding animal traceability. It also provides facilities to assist in the record-keeping and management of mandatory surveillance programmes on animal health, welfare and food safety. More…

InterTrace is the database adopted by Malta for the identification and registration of bovine animals pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 1760/2000. The EU Commission officially recognised the database for bovine animals as fully operational in Malta from 1st May 2004. Malta is the only EU member state to have achieved this status (July 2004). Under the provisions of this regulation, Malta no longer has to issue cattle passports. The cattle premium schemes are also consequently paperless. More…

InterAgri software is importing full milk, fertility, health, movement and ancestry data from over 20,000 herds (with over 20 million animal records and 50 million milk records) in GB.


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